Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The 2Cs in Indiana

September 19, 2006

I'm sitting here writing you all from the 2C rolling home, parked in Gpa & Gma Wilson's back driveway with a soybean field out the front window, a towering fir off the port bow, and Gma Wilson's kitchen full of tempting sweets inside the back door about 20' away. It's been just gorgeous weather up here this past week, Indiana at its best..., although we 2Cs don't think much of the current cold front that rolled through yesterday dropping temps to the 40s this morning!

The headline news is, of course, that Don's Dad's surgery went very well and that his recovery seems to be progressing better than his first go around three years ago. This is not to say that there haven't been a few dips in the highway. Jim gets a little impatient with the pace of hospital life and of his own recovery, but everybody else is pretty impressed.

Don and I and our jetlag pulled into Morristown a week ago today (Tues). Don's brother Greg came down Wednesday night , so Jim went in on Thursday with a full support team in his corner. This time the surgeon used a post-surgery nerve block in the groin area which seems to have knocked down a lot of the pain. Who knows why they didn't do that last time? On Saturday, Greg and Karen were back down, granddaughter Tisha was up from Evansville, and of course the tireless team Dane and BJ were all on hand. It was almost sounding like a party in room 382 with the whole clan gathered.

It is looking today that Jim might be able to come home Thursday. Of course, there is a long road of physical therapy ahead, and everybody agrees that Don is the coach who will get him through it all. Don is a firm task-master!

Meanwhile, it looks like I will fly to Annapolis for the big US Sailboat Show there Oct. 5-9, once again working in the booth for Sea Tech Systems. I'm told this is a big selling show, so there's some hope of bring home some $! Then if Jim's progress continues as well as it has started, we hope to start south to Florida early enough to fit in a side trip to NC to visit with Cecily and Bob in Hendersonville before we need to be back to Clearwater on Nov. 2. After that we start on a very busy sequence of the St. Pete Boat Show, arrival of Judy and Bryan from Trinidad, and the Seven Seas Cruising Associations Gam in Melbourne.


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