Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Two Captains Return

September 10, 2006

The Two Captains have not only arrived safely back in the US, but that we are 300 miles along on our way by RV from Crystal River, FL to Morristown, IN!

We had a good trip back. We left Tackless II completely stowed for cyclone season and in the care of Curly Carswell, Savu Savu's well-known "harbormaster," and set out on our journey with a short flight from Savu Savu to Nadi. In Nadi we officially changed our tickets and then grabbed a cab to Vuda Point Marina where we spent the afternoon with our friends Bud and Nita of Passage. Then back to the airport. Neither of our big plane flights were full, and we had a row apiece on the LA to Tampa segment, (and could have had on the Fiji to LA flight if we'd been quicker!) Nonetheless, night travel by plane is no better than a night watch, and after about 42 hours of travel door to door, we were seriously jet-lagged!

We spent the first night back in the US in Clearwater with the kids, soaking up as much of our seriously charming grandson as possible. Kai was happy to see us and clearly knew who we were, going to get the framed photo of us his Mom keeps on his dresser! The next day we loaded up in the car with Tiff and Kai, our bags and his toys, and headed north to Crystal River to collect the RV. On the way we stopped off in Hernando Beach for a couple hours' visit with our friends Diane and Alex who had looked after our bikes over the summer. It looks to us as though the house they have been building is nearly done, even to the point of a floating dock in the canal out back. However, there was no boat on the dock...yet. There are rumors they are looking!

At Crystal River, we found our coach in good shape except where our container of dehumidifier crystals had sucked up so much humidity that it had overflowed. Derek had done a good job cleaning up on one of his visits, but apparently the moisture had had enough time to soak into the press board that makes the bedside table top so that it had swollen all up and burst its Formica overlay! Some repair ahead there. Otherwise, it sure was a lot easier to recommission the RV after layup than the boat! Tiffer and Kai stayed the night with us, and we enjoyed the evening together tremendously, grilling fish steaks on the BBQ. Kai got to ride on the neighbor's golf cart, and he found the park a Paradise for scooting around on his scooter!

We all got on the road this morning around 10:30, T&K heading south in the Saturn, and we north in the coach. Since Gma & Gpa Wilson have a couple of cars, we decided that we could make do without our car another month, thereby making life easier for the baby girl.

We are currently parked in a nice little travel park in Ozark, Alabama, (wireless is included!!!:-) !!!) following Gpa Wilson's route to Indy. It may be a bit longer, but it presents fewer hills. Gpa's surgery is set for Sept. 14, and we expect to arrive midday on the 12th. We'll keep you update on tings as we go!.


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